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After the Fact

"Where Are They Now?" Meets History 101

Ever wonder what happened to notable historical figures after the iconic events that made them famous?

What happened to Paul Revere after his midnight ride? To Harriet Tubman after the Underground Railroad shut down? To Frank James after he retired from robbing banks?

You'll find the answers to these questions and more in the pdages of After the Fact: The Surprising Fates of American History's Heroes, Villains, and Supporting Characters.

Beginning with the fates of American explorers, the book provides follow-up stories to the nation's most significant events, up to the Watergate Scandal.

Who woulda thunk that one of the Salem judges who condemned witches to death would later champion the rights of Native Americans and African Americans? That Jackie Robinson would become an active behind-the-scenes civil rights agitator—as well as a pal to Richard Nixon? Or that Nixon would testify on behalf of Deep Throat, the government informant who helped orchestrate his political downfall?

Ironies and surprises abound in the lives lived “after the fact.” During the American Revolution, Paul Revere got kicked out of the militia for his role in the disastrous Penobscot Expedition. Harriet Tubman became a Union spy and even led a regiment into battle. Frank James became a shoe salesman.

"After the Fact" by Owen J. Hurd

Coming August 7, 2012

Published by Perigee Trade

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